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Experience Authentic Italian Culture in Phoenix

From our inception in 1957, the Arizona American Italian Club has been a vibrant hub for Italian American traditions and community events. Here's what makes our club special:

  • Weekly Bingo & Bocce games.
  • Live performances and band nights.
  • Delicious Italian dinners every Saturday.
  • Special events celebrating Italian and local holidays.
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Latest Events

Experience the Vibrancy of Our Club!

From thrilling games to delightful dining experiences, there's always something happening at the Arizona American Italian Club. Here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

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  • Every Wed, Fri & Sun
    6:30 PM (Sundays at 1 PM)At the Club

    Bingo Nights - Everyone's Welcome!

    Join the fun and stand a chance to win exciting raffles! With our POWER BINGO MACHINES, every game is a thrill.

    Join the Bingo Night
  • All Week Long
    Starting at 11:00 AMClub's Dining Area

    Daily Dining Specials

    Relish our specials, from Taco Tuesdays to Spaghetti Wednesdays. With our NEW Chef GALINDO, every dish is a masterpiece.

    View Dining Deals
  • Every Weekend
    Varied TimingsMain Event Hall

    Weekend Extravaganza

    Join 100+ members for lively parties, music by top bands, and try your luck with our AZ state-approved slot machines.

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Vivi La Tradizione

Experience, Relish, and Celebrate

At the Arizona American Italian Club, our members don't just attend events; they live traditions. They become part of a tapestry that weaves memories, food, music, and friendships into a unique Italian-American experience.

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  • From the vibrant bingo nights to the soul-soothing Italian dinners, every moment spent here feels like a celebration.

    Vincent R.Event Enthusiast
  • This club isn't just about events; it's about preserving our rich Italian heritage and passing it on to the next generation. Proud to be a part of this legacy!

    Luca B.Proud Italian-American

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